Marvel's Dam: SGCH Foxwood Faye Lee Meadow 

PTI21: +48          PTI12: +118

3-06 87 V+VV

6-03 90 VEEE

7-06 91 EEEV

10-05 91 VEEE

(pictured as a 3 year old)

1st place 5-6 year old at 2008 Nationals

2nd place 3 year old at 2006 Nationals

Marvel has 34 registered progeny as of November 2015. Of that number, 30 are daughters and 4 are sons. I have had a number of nice sons sired by him, but I have only registered one! The three other sons were registered by breeders who used him. I have been waiting on proof before selling sons.

I kept a 2015 son that I plan to register and keep. He is a full brother to one of our favorites, Sparkle.

Pictured below are udder shots of Marvel daughters that have freshened.

Marvel Daughters born in 2011-  2 daughters were born in 2011; pics of both are below

CH Sasha

Dam: Foxwood Chekhov Saki

CH Seductive (owned by Mark Cobble)

Dam: Foxwood Chekhov Saki

Marvel Daughters Born in 2012- 8 daughters were born in 2012; below are pics of 7 of them (I sold Spree and do not have a pic)


Dam: Foxwood Amazin' Candace


Dam: Lazy-L Chekmate's Stripe


Dam: Lazy-L Stomper


Dam: Lazy-L Epic Satin


Dam: Lazy-L Epic Satin


Dam: Foxwood Amazin' Sexx Pott


Dam: Foxwood Chekhov Saki

2013- No Marvel daughters born in 2013

2014 Marvel Daughters- Marvel sired 14 daughters and 11 kidded as yearlings; pics of 7 of them are below


Dam: Foxwood Dark Malisse


Dam: CH Foxwood Piejar Marlena

Passion II

Dam: Foxwood Dark Paisley


Dam: Foxwood Dark Miralda


Dam: CH Foxwood Battleship Penny


Dam: CH Violet-Star Cricket's Penelope


Dam: Foxwood Dark Sprint