GCH Foxwood Marvel's Sparkle 1*M

S: +*B Foxwood Meadow's Marvel

     SS: +*Kastdemur’s Ain’t He Amazin’ Elite Sire 2012 and 2013

     SD: SGCH Foxwood Faye Lee Meadow LA 91 (1st place 5-6 Yr Old- 2008 Nationals)

D: Foxwood Amazin' Sexx Pott

    DS: +*B Kastdemur's Ain't He Amazin'

    DD: Foxwood Chek Saki 1*M 9-11 LA 91 EEEE

           DDS: Willow Run Thesis Chekhov

           DDD: Foxwood Champ's Seductive (daughter of CH Kismet SexxPott LA 90)


Appraisal 4-01 89 VEVE          

                5-00 92 EEEE     

2013 Show: 1 x RGCH as yearling milker

2014 Show: 1 x BUOB

2015 Show: 1 x GCH; 1 x BOB; 2 x RGCH

2016 Show: 2 x GCH; 2 x BOB; 2 x BUOB; 2 x RGCH (shown 4 times)

It took Sparkle 4 years to develop into a more "mature" looking doe. In her first four shows as a 4 year old, she finished her championship, going 2 x GCH/BOB/BUOB and 2 x RGCH.  Her daughter sired by Kastdemur's Top Brass, Spicy, was 2nd place Intermediate Kid at the 2014 National Show in a class of over 50 kids. Sparkle has one of the best udders in the herd and has one GCH granddaughter (Sugar).