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Foxwood Dairy Goats and Poultry 


The Foxwood herd has meshed genetics from Cadillac, Conquest, and Marvin since the herd was formed in 1988, with a heavy concentration in the Cadillac. Today, several of our bucks are linebred on their genetics, but a few other lines have been brought in to add some diversity and traits that we wanted to embed in the herd. All of our bucks except for one (Titan) descend from ++*B Foxwood McCaylan's Majik Man or his maternal brother, +* Foxwood Meadow's Marvel.

*B Foxwood Shallaley's Midas  AI   3/16/2019

S: +*B SG Bull Pine Candys Shallaley O' (spotlight sale buck)

     SS: ++*B GCH Longman's Barnaby Amariah

     SD: GCH Cedarsage Candy O' Triple R 1*M

D: GCH Foxwood Marvel Marina 2*M  2-02 87 VV+E

     DS: +*B Foxwood Meadow's Marvel

     DD: GCH Foxwood Peijar Marlena 1*M 8-02 92 EEEE

We've used him on a few does and have only had 2 daughters so far. One was pre-ordered and sold as a kid. The other one (Mariah) is a 2021 April kid that we retained. As we haven't freshened any daughters, we can't say what the udders will be like, but every kid has had lots of spots! His dam, Marina, was 15th place 4 year old at the 2018 ADGA National Show.

Photo of his dam (Marina)

*B Deep Creek Valmont Template  AI  4/2/2019

S: *B SG Willow Run Enferno Valmont

     SS: +*B SG Willow Run AT Enferno

     SD: SGCH Willow Run Golden Vanilla 2*M

D: SGCH Deep Creek MYS Teranda 2*M  4-06 91 VEEE

     DS: +*B SG Woest-Hoeve Mystery Man

     DD: SGCH Cobble's Valley Majik Terra 1*M  4-01 90 VEVE

Foxwood CVLM Summit     3/12/2019

S: *B Cobble's Valley A Lady's Man

     SS: +*B SG Cobble's Valley All Fired Up  5-00 88 VEE

SD: GCH Cobble's Valley A Painted Lady 1*M 8-02 92 EEEE

D: CH Foxwood Jock's Sunrise

     DS: +B Cobble's Valley Majik Jock

     DD: Foxwood Marvel's Sequin 2*M 4-00 88 VEVV

We freshened a few Summit daughters in 2021. As compared to their dams, the daughters had lots of area of attachment, nice teat size and shape, and strong medials. Pictures of a couple of them (Loren and Satina) can be found on the 2020 does page. His dam finished her championship as a yearling milker and was 11th place 3 year old at the 2018 National Show.

Pictures of Sunrise

CH Little Cove TE Magic Matrix 2/14/2020

S: *B Wingwood Farm ARA Truckin East

     SS: *B Wingwood Farm Tino Aramis 3-03 88 VEE

     SD: SG Wingwood Farm Sweet Tallahassee 10*M 2-03 90 VEEE

D: Ol' River Mill Aradell (2 CH legs)

     DS: Foxwood Geneson's Geronimo

     DD: Foxwood Montages' Macadelic

Matrix is an exceptionally correct buck. He has a strong topline, good shoulders, and good rear leg angulation and width between the hock. His rump is wide and flat. HIs sire is an outcross to our herd, but his dam descends from many of our past animals.

As a yearling buck in 2021, he was 3 x GCH, 3 x BOB, and 2 x BBIS.

Picture of his dam's unclipped rear udder as a 1st freshener and of Matrix at a show as a yearling

Little Cove TE Tennessee Titan    4/15/2020

S: *B Wingwood Farm ARA Truckin East

     SS: *B Wingwood Farm Tino Aramis 3-03 88 VEE

     SD: SG Wingwood Farm Sweet Tallahassee 10*M 2-03 90 VEEE

D: Wingwood Farm PM Thymesaticin (2 CH legs)

     DS: Clarion Perfect Marathon 1-02 84 +VV

     DD: SG Wingwood Farm Sweet Tatum  2-03 88 VEEV

Titan has many of the strengths of his paternal brother, Matrix: nice head, rear leg angulation, and width between the hocks. Titan is taller than his brother. We only had one set of Titan kids born this year resulting in one buck and one doe. We showed the doe kid at Nationals and she was 4th place Junior Kid.

Photos of the dam's unclipped udder as a first freshener

*B Foxwood Tyee's Providence  AI      3/27/2020

S: *B Wingwood Farm Lucky Tyee

     SS:  ++*B Woest-Hoeve Royal Fortune

     SD:  SGCH Wingwood Farm Playtime Teasel 10 * M  5-04 90 EEEE

D: GCH Foxwood Jock's Pride 1*M 3-01 89 VEVE

Providence is a paternal brother to two full sisters (Lore and Lomasi) that we brought in from a herd that was selling out a few years ago. Both does finished their championships after we got them and have crossed well with Jock. Providence is a long, tall. black roan buck with a nice head, good rear leg angulation, and width between the hocks. His dam has one of our best Jock udders and is the dam of Prime who appraised 92 EEEE as a 3 year old and was 6th place/3rd udder in her class at Nationals. Since her days as a kid, Pride has generally been a "chunky" doe. However, the year she was appraised as a 3 year old, she had kidded with quads a few weeks before the appraisal and the appraiser said that he'd like to see more weight on her. That's the only time anyone has ever said that about her as she is generally an easy keeper. Pride was 11th place 2 year old at the 2016. Each time the primary judge would check her udder (3 times from what I recall), she would comment "she has the perfect udder form." At her only show as a 3 year old, she was BUIS competing against some beautiful does of other breeds at Lebanan, TN. Unfortunately, she developed mastitis less than a week after the show and has never been shown again.

Photos of Pride- the fuzzy rear and side udder shots are as a 7 year old! Side photo as a 6 year old; clear rear udder shot as a 2 year old (2nd freshener)

Foxwood WR-Val's Prince    AI   4/01/2021

S: *B Willow Run Enferno Valparaiso

     SS: +*B SG WIllow Run AT Enferno

     SD: SGCH Willow Run Golden Vanilla 2*M

D: CH (pending) Foxwood Marlin's Prime 3-01 92 EEEE

     DS:  *B Foxwood Jock's Marlin

     DD:  GCH Foxwood Jock's Pride 3-01 89 VEVE

Prince's sire is a full brother to Valmont, the sire of our buck Deep Creek Valmont Template. We had a Valmont daughter years ago and saw a couple of champion Valparaiso daughters and wanted to bring in their genetics. We also owned a buck named Willow Run Elwood, who was a son Enferno's full sister, GCH Willow Run AT Erazel- 3 time ADGA National Champion. 

Prince's dam, Prime, is one of our favorites. Although not a tall doe, she holds her own due to correctness, width, and a nice mammary system. As a 3 year old, she was 6th place/3rd udder at the ADGA Nationals. Other than her teats being placed out just a bit, her udder is every bit as nice as her dam's udder.

Foxwood Providence's Simeon      5/14/2021

S:  *B Foxwood Tyee's Providence

     SS: *B Wingwood Farm Lucky Tyee

     SD: GCH Foxwood Jock's Pride\

D:  Foxwood Summit's Special

     DS: *B Cobble's Valley A Lady's Man

     DD: Foxwood Jock's Sophie

Cobble’s Valley Majik Jock   May 2012                       Brown; frosted ears               Deceased

S: Foxwood McCaylan’s Majik Man (9 daughters - LA 88.4) (9 champion daughters)

SS: CH *B Foxwood McCaylan LA 89 (as yearling)

SD: SGCH Foxwood Faye Lee Meadow LA 91 (S: Kastdemur’s Aesop)

D: CH Spring’s Meadow C.E. Java

DS: Amberwood Vision’s Einstein (Amberwood Chancellor’s Vision x CH Shannons-Doll Sundays Best)

DD: Spring’s Meadow PA Cookie (Del-Mirage Legal Paradox x Spring’s Meadow Ascee) (Full sister to the sire of Foxwood Parade)

Jock came to us from Mark Cobble. Jock is a combination of the lines we crossed over the years: Cadillac, Marvin, and Conquest.

We loved Jock's dam, Java, from the first time we saw her at a show as a two year old. Her correctness, smoothness of blending, style, and beautiful head were obvious, and she went GCH.

Jock's sire, Majik Man, is a son of GCH Foxwood Fay Lee Meadow, who was sired by +*B Kastdemur's Aesop. Meadow's dam, Mirada (Champ x 3M Copy), was linebred on GCH Briarknoll Piejar's McCayla. Meadow was 2nd place 3 year old at the 2006 Nationals and was 1st place 5-6 year old at the 2008 National Show. Meadow was bred to a son/grandson of McCayla to produce Jock's sire, Majik Man. Daughter Terra placed in the top 10 in the 2 Year Old Class at the 2014 Nationals, and daughter Patrice was 4th place 3 year old at the 2016 Nationals. Majik daughter Sedona (bred and owned by Mark Cobble) appraised 92 in 2016. We finished our two daughters, Sugar and Sashay, as two year olds in 2018.

Jock sired six daughters in 2014. We showed three of them at the 2014 Nationals. They placed 2nd and 15th in the Junior Kid Class, were 3rd place Junior Get of Sire, and two of them were members of the 4th place Best 3 Junior Does. His daughters have outstanding escutcheons with teats properly placed and plumb. His yearling daughters freshened in 2015, and we are really pleased with the consistency of udders. All his daughters have perfect teat size and shape and good area of attachment. He has four champion daughters and many others with restricted legs.

Pictured below are Jock's dam, CH Spring's-Meadow Java and two paternal sisters, CH Cobble's Valley Majik Destiny (owned by Jeremy Hood) and Cobble's Valley Majik Diamonds (owned by Mark Cobble).

Jock's dam: CH Spring's Meadow C.E. Java (side and rear) and Jock

Jock daughters: 2 year old CH Pride; 2 year old Sunshine, and yearling CH Sunrise.

Pictured below: paternal sisters to Jock- Does owned and bred by Mark Cobble and Jeremy Hood