AI Bucks for 2021 Kids

We continue to select bucks of Cadillac, Conquest, and Marvin lineage to use in our breeding program. Knowing that the true worth of a buck is the quality of his daughters, we consider his daughters' appraisal scores, paying close attention to the udder scores. We like to see high, wide rear udders with strong medials and good teat delineation and placement. We also look at the percentage of daughters that have finished their championships, keeping in mind that some of the lesser known bucks may have never been used in herds that show. Also, we try to see in person or find pictures of as many daughters as possible so that we can judge for ourselves what we see in the bucks' daughters...the good and the bad.

Below is information on the bucks we hope to use in AI for spring 2021 kids.

Click on the buck's name to see ADGA Genetics webpage.

Dam SGCH J&R Spirit's DK Kovergirl  LA 92 (2009 ADGA National Reserve Grand Champion and Best Udder)

LA: 32 daughters average 86.2; 

15 of 105 daughters are champions

Dam SGCH Wingwood Farm Playtime Teasel LA 90 EEEE (sired by ++*B J&R Spirit's Playboy

Has only sired 6 daughters- 2 of them are champions (GCH Lil Mill Crk Tyee Lore and CH Lil Mill Crk Tyee Lomasi)

Dam GCH Kismet Smooth Kristin LA 91 (1998 ADGA National Champion)

LA: 6 daughters average 85.8; 

5 of 22 daughters are champions

Dam SGCH Foxwood Fay Lee Meadow LA 91 (1st place 5-6 year old at 2008 ADGA Nationals)

LA: 9 daughters average 88.4; 

9 of 37 daughters are champions

Dam SGCH Foxwood Fay Lee Meadow LA 91 (1st place 5-6 year old at 2008 ADGA Nationals)

LA: 10 daughters average 87.1 (2 were yearlings and 3 were 2 year olds)

4 of 32 daughters are champions

Dam SGCH Willow-Run Golden Vanilla 

LA: only 1 of his 4 daughters was appraised- she was 91 EVEE at 6-03

2 of his 4 daughters are champions

Dam GCH Regehrs Foxie Felicia BBK LA 90 (ADGA Nationals: 3rd place 2 year old in 1997 and 3rd place 3 year old in 1998; paternal sister to 1994 ADGA National Champion & Reserve Best Udder GCH Royal Cedars SB Sugar Candy; Felicia's dam GCH Regehrs #1 Sparkle Plenty was 1st place 4 year old at 1994 Nationals) 

LA: 5 daughters (first fresheners) average 82

3 daughters earned milking legs as yearlings or 2 year olds (not shown after 2 years old)

Felician daughter is dam of GCH Foxwood Peijar's Marlena LA 92 EEEE

Felician son is sire of GCH Foxwood Copy's Mac Dixie LA 92 EEEE